Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boogie Wipes: An Unlikely First Post

For the last five days, my one and only offspring has had a case of the sniffles. Well...sniffles might be putting it mildly.

Her nose continually needs to be wiped, so I turned to Boogie Wipes to help me out. They are awesome. The wipes are made with saline, which helps to break up the mucus that makes my child snort like a pig while she is breastfeeding. (I kid you not) What I love about Boogie Wipes is that they come in a bunch of different scents (unscented, fresh, grape, etc), and I don't worry about making Juniper's nose raw from using a bunch of them. 

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Despite how terrific this product is, Juniper still throws her head violently away from any incoming wipe. We'll be glad when this cold has passed us by.

Poor Sicky

Boogie Wipes did not ask me to praise their product. I just like it.

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