Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday

An oldie but a goodie

How was your weekend?

Juniper and I had our first swim class on Saturday morning, and we had so much fun. Leading up to 9:15, however, I was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing.

First of all, even though I am thirty-flirty-and thriving, I have never taken a swim class.


What's more, I shamefully admitted to Forrest that I have never blown bubbles before.

(sheepish face palm)

Second of all, part of the reason I wanted to take a swim class with Juni - besides the whole learning how to blow bubbles thing - is to make some friends, specifically some mom friends. I'll admit it, I'm pretty lonely these days and really missing the easy company of friends back home (you know who you are). So, I'm hoping that in the course of the next six weeks Juniper and I will make some buddies.

Well, I'm happy to report that swim class was absolutely terrific. Not only did I successfully blow some bubbles, but I interacted with some really sweet women and their equally sweet kids. I am hoping that I'll get up the guts to initiate a play date with a few of them. It has been so long since I have had to make friends that I'm not even sure how it is done anymore! Not to mention, I am used to making friends at school or at work, which I think is heck of a lot easier. When you are in class with someone or working with someone you automatically have a common ground and can build the friendship from there. I am hoping that having a child will give me that same kind of common ground.

Unfortunately, I did not document our fun swim time with pictures. However, do not despair! Forrest is going to go with us next week and take oodles of pictures that I can then share with you!

Oh, and how did Juniper fare with the swim class?

She was amazing.

I was so proud of her.

She never cried or freaked out. As is her typical way, she took everything in, staring intently at the other kids and the instructor and then embraced the water with splashing and screeching. It was fantastic. Even though she did not blow bubbles and anytime we did the front float her legs automatically went into the splits position, she had fun, and that is all that matters.


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