Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Monday


Hello! How was your weekend? We had swim class on Saturday morning (Forrest got to come with us and swim around too!) and then a lot of weekend chores and errands. Normally, that would be a kind of depressing weekend (excluding swim class, of course), but the chores and errands were in preparation for the very special visit of Grams and Poppy! Later on this week we also get to see Farmor and Farfar! What a special week for this almost one year old.


We're very excited about it.

I'm sorry the pictures are so low quality. We are hoping that more and better pictures will be taken at actual swim class next week. Considering that both sets of grandparents will be there, I'd say chances are pretty good for a slew of new pictures.

How cute is her bathing suit? I bought it at a children's thrift store here in town, and I think the little tummy cut out is pretty adorable. Can you also see the annoying plastic pants sticking out? 

Today I keep thinking about what I was doing last year at this time. It is 2:33 as I write this, so last year at this time I was either laying in bed watching Parenthood on Netflix while my mom timed my contractions or taking one of many walks around the neighborhood. 

My goal is to post Juniper's birth story tomorrow, so keep an eye out! 

I hope your weekend was lovely and that your week is even more so!


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