Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Weekend

Happy weekend!

What are your plans? We have swim class tomorrow morning (Forrest gets to come, yay!), and then I am getting everything ready for Juniper's birthday next week and the arrival of both sets of grandparents. We can't wait!

If you are in a reading or clicking mood, here are a few things that have caught my eye this week.

See you Monday!

I can totally relate with this mom about all the parenting advice. The video made me laugh out loud.

I read this article earlier in the week and I keep thinking about it. Especially #8. Oh, and don't let the title fool you.

Six words to say to your child. Brilliant.

I think most ingredients taste better when they are in a pie.

Scary. Makes sense why America is so unhealthy.

I just finished J. K. Rowling's latest and actually really loved it. Have you read it? Will you?


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MT said...

I love this post, and now I'm LOVING A Cup of Jo. I'm jumping from one post to the next to the next on her blog and can't get enough. Great link, Libs, and great post full of good links! More like this! More Juni! More swim classes! More your life!