Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I learned an important truth about myself yesterday. While I may make awesome birthday cakes, rock the gift giving and am generally a terrific mom, I am not gifted in creating Halloween costumes.

Someone gave me the idea of dressing Juniper up as a skunk for Halloween - a pretty clever idea, I thought! The execution, however, well...take a look for yourself...

Thankfully, the child inside the costume is so dang cute that it makes my mediocre attempt at crafting look pretty good.

I think if I had found a feather boa like I wanted for the tail, it might have looked a little better.

As it stands now, it definitely looks homemade.

But you know...

I'm okay with that.

Oh, what a cute little stinker!

Forrest made a "Juniper" pumpkin.

Yep, those are socks as ears. Classy, right? :)

The rest of our Halloween is pretty chill. I have a little bit of candy that I got mostly for our neighbor kids and then I'll probably turn out the lights and hide in my room. That's just the way I roll.

How about you? Any fun Halloween plans?



cheri said...

Hands down! She is the curtest skunk on record. I'd say you did a great job of turning household items into a darling costume. Kuddos!!

Happy Halloween or Happy Reformers Day as some say. Which fits your last picture. Love.

As for trick or treats...I didn't buy any the trick will be staying out of sight. :) Of course if "skunk Juniper" was showing up I'd have some grapes ready to go.

cheri said...

That would be cutest...sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Oh she's a cute little stinker all right!!

I WAS going to head out with my niece trick-or-treating until the worst cramps known to mankind hit me like a brick wall this afternoon.

I've been listening to the kids walking up and down the street outside my window. I'll have to make it up next year!