Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Weekend

I'm sorry for my absence here the last few days. My parents are in town and I'm treating it like a vacation. :)

What are your plans this weekend? Juniper's birthday party is tomorrow afternoon, so we will be busy preparing for that and then whooping it up to celebrate. Then all of our company leaves on Sunday morning and I'll probably dissolve into a puddle of lonely tears.

(Just kidding)

(Only sort of)

If you are in a clicking mood, here are a few fun links that have caught my eye!

I am attempting to make a banana cake for Juniper. This one. Pray for me.

I love hats for fall and winter, especially when I can make them easily.

I have been on a tart kick lately - I think I mentioned that in last weeks weekend post - and this one looks SO GOOD.

I love grilled cheese. Would you eat it like this? Or this? Um, yes & yes.

Mushrooms have never been my favorite, but this soup makes me want to give them a second chance.

Have you seen the video of Jimmy Fallon with The Roots and Sesame Street?

I hope you have a happy weekend!


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