Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Weekend

Oh, the happiness and love these two have for each other!

Do you have any fun weekend plans? We are headed to Salt Lake City to see Forrest's sister who is there for a work conference. We're hoping to also go to the zoo while we're there and Trader Joe's (yippee!).

In the meantime, here are some fun links around the web!

How good are you at reading people's emotions? Take this quiz and find out!

Could you live in space? Take a look at Karen Nyberg's fascinating interview about what it's like to live on the International Space Station. PS: the rest of the Living with Kids series is fascinating.

And speaking of space, I really want to see the new Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie, Gravity. Would you see it?

Have you ever read the Hollywood Housewife? I find her life fascinating. Also, her faith journey is really honest and interesting.

I'm thinking I want some straight across bangs. Yes? No?

If I knew how to sew I would so make these baby shoes.

This made me laugh.

Happy weekend, friends! xo


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