Monday, October 21, 2013

Off to the Zoo

This past weekend we headed over to Salt Lake City to see Forrest's sister, visit with some family friends and go to the zoo! It was so lovely to be around family and so lovely to be in a city again.

As you know, Juniper has been fighting naps for about a week now.

(Update: I failed to mention this earlier, but I'm not trying to force Juniper to nap just for the heck of it. The kid is genuinely tired and genuinely needs to sleep; however, she fights it pretty hard. We're trying to figure out how to help her get the sleep she needs. End of update.)

So, after two failed attempts at a morning nap, we loaded up the van and headed to the zoo to meet our friends, Tom and Jan. Wouldn't you know that the kid zonked out within minutes? Sigh. We let her sleep for awhile in the van but eventually woke her up. Needless to say, she was a little groggy in most of these pictures.


We could not have picked a more beautiful day for the zoo. It was warm and lovely.

Why did you guys wake me up again?

Clearly unimpressed
The Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake is pretty fantastic. Most of the animals came right up to us which was amazing. Our favorites were the elephants, rhinoceros, and giraffes.

Looking at the elephants

I'm not so sure about this, mom

I love her skepticism here

At least dad likes the seals
My personal favorite animal exhibit was the giraffes. They are such strange and beautiful animals. If I was a designer on Project Runway I would definitely be inspired by the giraffe print.

Our friends, Tom & Jan

Hey buddy!

Juniper started to perk up when we saw the carousel. We should have gone on it, but the zoo is expensive, man!

And she loved the meerkat display. Maybe it's because they were on her level and they were super playful, or maybe it's because she liked looking at her reflection. Either way, we loved seeing her excitement.

If I was a good mom/sister-in-law I would have taken some pictures of Juni with her Aunt Christina. Alas, no pictures were taken. We were too busy playing, talking and soaking up her company.

Ever since we moved to Pocatello, I feel almost desperate for family time. It was such a treat to spend the weekend with Christina and we can't wait to see her again at Thanksgiving along with the rest of the Johnson clan.

How was your weekend?


PS: Yes, I did get my bangs cut! They are so easy and fun. xo


cheri said...

Love all of this. A few of Junipers expressions I remember on your sweet face...when you were 12 Ha! I thought I noticed bangs. Can't wait to see them for real on Monday! Love your new bag too!! Basically. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Can't say it enough!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bangs!! But I would like a photo from the front please (ehem)