Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Party

Juniper turned 1 last Tuesday, but we decided to have her party on a Saturday so that more family could come. While we really missed having this party in Portland with all our buddies, we were blessed to have a lot of family here to celebrate with us. Here are a few pictures from the day!

A photo from every month of Juni's first year. This is still hanging in our window...

 Funny story: I found this tutorial for making a golden number, and I really, really wanted to do it for this birthday (you know, it being her golden birthday). The gold tinsel was ridiculously hard to find and then ridiculously expensive. Not to mention, the smell of it made us feel slightly ill. All for a little decoration. :)

Forrest made the amazing poster. Notice the juniper bush with a golden 1. Pure awesome. 

Monkey Banana Cake & smash cake
This cake is my pride and joy... uh, next to Juniper, of course. Never have I made a cake that was so moist and so stinkin' cute. I found the recipe at Smitten Kitchen, and her directions made the whole process so easy.  Juniper has a dairy allergy, so I made a dairy free icing using almond milk and margarine. It tasted amazing.

This little area had small pieces of golden paper that people could use to write memories, prayers or wishes for Juniper. Then they could clip the wishes to the gold tinsel (getting our money's worth there) with a baby clothespin. 

My dad decorated this amazing onesie.  
Pre-party pretty

Of course, we had beans for dinner. Also, she's started holding her chin like this. Cracks us up.
I wanted to keep the menu simple and affordable. I cooked a large pot of black beans on the stove all day, and then right before everyone arrived I whipped up some homemade cornbread muffins. So the beans wouldn't be too boring, I had shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, avocado, and tortilla chips as toppings. So good!

Time for cake?

Opening gifts


Hmm...what is this?

I'm not so sure I like it...

...but I'll play with it!


After this came the meltdown. It's hard work being the center of attention.

All in all, the party was simple but so special. We had a blast.


PS: Look at Fran eyeing the carnage in that last picture. :)


tokyotuesday said...

Oh Fran. That just cracks me up.
You did an amazing job putting this party together. I loved the cake and I love your black bean with toppings idea. Is there a specific recipe you use to cook the black beans?
Once again, a very happy birthday to lovely Juniper!!

elizabeth said...

I soak 1 pound of dry black beans overnight (or in this case, 2 lbs). In the morning, drain the beans. In a large pot saute a yellow onion (diced) in a little bit of olive oil. Pour in the drained beans and then add some spices. I used cumin, chili powder, tumeric and salt. I just put in seasoning to taste, so add a little at first and then more at the end if it needs it. Cover the beans with water, toss in two bay leaves (to remove before eating) and bring to a boil over medium high heat. Then I turn the heat down to med low to low and let it simmer all day or until the beans are tender enough. Easy peasy! It's even easier if you toss everything in a crock pot for the day. :) We love this meal because we can eat off of it for days. Rice and bean bowls, enchiladas, burritos, etc.

Thanks for always commenting! You're the sweetest! :)