Monday, November 4, 2013

13 Months

Juniper turned 13 months on Friday, and I want to tell you some of the funny stuff she's up to these days.

The church that we (finally) decided to attend here in Pocatello has a less than desirable nursery situation, so Juniper stays with us. We usually start the service in the sanctuary (at the very back) and sneak out near the sermon to hang out in the upstairs cry room which has some toys, comfortable chairs, and space to crawl around. Well, this Sunday we were in the sanctuary and the choir had just finished singing a song that was basically the word "amen" over and over. When they finished, Juniper sang out her own amen. It was precious but also hilarious, and I couldn't stop laughing. She has never said "amen" before and I was pretty sure that everyone heard it because her little voice echoed throughout the room. After the service, people kept coming up to us to say how wonderful and delightful it was to hear her singing. Since we are the youngest family there (by a good 10-15 years) I was relieved that everyone was so positive and happy by Juniper's singing and babbling.


Every night Juniper takes a bath. While she certainly doesn't need a bath every day, it is a nice way to segue into bedtime. Anyway, for her birthday she got all kinds of fun bath toys - thanks, Aunt Annika - including a small basketball hoop and three balls. As you might have guessed, Forrest loves shooting hoops with Juni but it is usually him making baskets and Juniper watching. Recently, however, she has started putting the ball into the hoop and then watching as we cheer like crazy people. I'm talking about waving our arms in the air, shaking our heads and screaming "yes!" Crazy people, that's us.


Sometimes after a nap, Juniper and I will cuddle on the couch together. Lately, she will hold my face in her hands and put her cheek to my face. Sigh. I love those moments.


She is getting so feisty and independent. No walking yet, but I think it's coming pretty soon. Sometimes I just want to freeze these moments, but it is so fun to watch her grow and learn about the world around her.


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cheri said...

Poppy was teary as he read this. This life is precious because of you, Forrest and Juniper. Fran too!