Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!

What are your weekend plans? Forrest has class all weekend and Juniper and I have a Christmas shopping trip planned.

As usual, here are some links for your clicking entertainment...

I'll admit, I'm intrigued.

Mom, I like this color. (hint: buy a cheaper brand :))

Ten True Things About the First Year of Parenthood. I really love this blog, especially because she is from Portland and her daughter was born around the same time as Juniper.

 I totally got choked up at this.

A chalkboard wall is such a brilliant idea for a kids room!

I wouldn't mind this book for Christmas. :)

Do you watch Parenthood? The episodes lately are so dramatic...and I love it!

Finally, for your viewing pleasure...

please ignore my ridiculous laugh

1 comment:

cheri said...

-Totally intrigued!
-Love the color...the name however....not so much. Ha!
-Just last week I found Karyns blog while visiting Imago online...I miss that place. I can't wait for the virtual tour of the upcoming Christmas event. Did you ever go? What a great idea to have booths of people showing you how to make gifts. Love it!
-the video wouldn't play so I look forward to seeing it later. With a tissue.
-Love the chalkboard wall idea!!!! we need to talk...fb message me. :)
-Parenthood is my favorite show. I hate the feeling of "what's to come" though. They sure know how to pull the heart strings. Heavens. They yank them out of our bodies and stomp on them! And yet I keep watching.
-your video. Priceless. Going to watch it for the...well...let's just say it's been a few...dozen times! Each time I find myself laughing. And your the cherry on top. I watch to hear him say his line... of help. Hear Fran running back and forth. Junipers satisfied elation and your laugh. It is a perfectly delightful moment.
-I may watch Christmas movies tomorrow. Sorta ready to get in the mood. Dare I say... "even decorate?"
-Happy Christmas shopping!!!