Monday, December 9, 2013

Eyes of Faith

The snow started to fall on Saturday morning. The flakes were small but consistent. I watched as my neighborhood was transformed from normal to wonderland, and my heart felt full.


The baby and I enjoyed the glow of lights from our small tree and played while Harry Potter battled trolls and dragons in the background. Still my heart felt full but also distracted.

Despite the beauty of our cozy home, I felt discontentment and jealousy creep in. Instead of being still and soaking in the glow of Juniper's smile, I focused on the small screen in my hand and the pictures of other homes with better decorations and trees. Later, I was, I am, embarrassed that I let myself be distracted from the loveliness that is my home and my life.


It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in the lives of others. To put more energy in watching and assuming what life is like for so-and-so. To get caught up in jealousy and envy at the good fortune of others. Why is it so hard for me shut off Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why do I focus so much on the perceived lives of others instead of marveling at the beautiful life I have been given?


Yesterday morning I listened to an Imago Dei podcast from the first Sunday of Advent. I was so encouraged by the songs, the Scripture and the message. One question that stood out to me was:

In this Advent season what kind of eyes do you have? Natural eyes or eyes of faith? What distractions are keeping you from having eyes of faith?

Welp. Ain't that just so appropriate?

I decided that for this Advent season I need a break from so much social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I removed the Facebook and Twitter apps from my iPod Touch and I am going to try to check it less frequently. I want to be present in this season. I want to focus on my beautiful girl and really listen to her babbles because, as I'm always reminded, these days together are just too fleeting. I want to soak in the light from my tiny tree and breathe a prayer of thanks for a warm house and a roof over my head. I want to look for the Christ child and ponder His coming, and I want to be ready and waiting for His still small voice.

Happy Advent season my lovely friends.
Much love to you.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us that we need to live in our own moments fully. For reminding us that we need eyes of faith. Eyes that are looking at the Christ child. Ears that are listening for His still voice.

It's funny that you look at others and find yourself envying them. When so many, myself included, look at your life and feel that twinge of envy. You have a beautiful life. A beautiful family. A beautiful faith. A beautiful talent for writing and allowing us to feel as if we've lived in your moments.

May your days be filled with the wonder of Christ. The wonder of your husbands deep love for you. The wonder of your beautiful and brilliant baby girl. The wonder of your family both blood and chosen who celebrate your life and love you to the moon and back.