Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Trip (all the gory details)


What a week.

Here is a snippet of our trip...

The drive to Estes was a little more stressful than Forrest and I were hoping for. First, I got pulled over an hour outside of Pocatello. Sigh. Thankfully, the copper let us go with a warning. Then we hit ice and black ice outside of Wyoming and the baby screamed for a good long time. I was so stressed out I took a Dramamine and then marveled at how heavy all of my limbs felt. When we finally got into Estes we were greeted with a snowy winter wonderland. Unfortunately, our car was not as enchanted as we were and promptly slid into a ditch. Steve and Lesta rescued us and then we all collapsed into a heap of exhaustion.

Good times.

I could tell you about all the fun we had while in Estes, but I think pictures do the job just as well.

Juniper met Santa and was less than impressed.

See, I told you.

Thanksgiving outfit

The kids table

Snuggles for everyone. Seriously, this girl LOVED all the attention.

4 generations


Playing with Adrien and Nora

The whole gang together again...plus all the babies.

Christmas! Yep, we crammed a lot into this trip.

Darling girl

Love these people

We really had such a lovely time with everyone. It is so wonderful to see so many people love on our girl. Plus, Forrest and I got to have a date night - the first in many, many months - and we got to go see Catching Fire which was amazing. Also not pictured...a trip to the Science and History Museum in Denver, haircuts for Forrest and I, lots of football, lots of laughs, and so much good food. Honestly, I think Forrest and I need to eat only salad until our next big trip in three weeks to go see my family.

When we left Estes on Sunday we planned to split the trip up so we wouldn't go crazy from the screaming baby. What we didn't count on was 65 mph winds that threatened to blow our car over. I'll admit that I cried at one point because it was so scary. Then the motel we stayed in was laughably horrible. The first room they put us in had three doors - the one from the hallway, one for the room next door, and one that went outside. The latter was not closed all the way so the room was freezing. A chair was pushed against it (to keep it closed?) but we were able to shut and latch it completely and then promptly blasted the heater. I went to the bathroom and chuckled at the broken toilet paper holder but then shuddered at what looked like blood in the sink. I kid you not. All of us were trying to be brave but when we found hairs and dirt on one of the beds Forrest called the front desk and asked for a new room. The new room was better but we still wouldn't let the baby crawl on the floor.

Ah, memories.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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Anonymous said...

You're so good about blogging! Thanks for keeping me motivated with my blog!
So sorry you guys had a rough trip with all the crazy driving and weather. I was reading your blog and kept gasping as I read on. And then your crazy motel experience!! I can't believe it. I'm sure you'll be laughing about it (or maybe you already are). Love you lots!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving trip with us. Your pictures are priceless and your blogging a delight. We're thankful that in the midst of the crazy stuff you had a wonderful time and you arrived back home safe and sound. Now I'm off to look at the pictures again.