Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Appliance That Changes Everything

Yesterday I bought this hair tool and I think it just might change my life.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

Okay, that's probably an exaggeration, but I really do love it.

Here's how it works, at least for me:

I have pretty thick hair so it can take forever and a day to dry it, so I let it air dry for a bit. This works out well because I usually have either J or A demanding sweetly asking for my attention so I can attend to their many demands while my hair dries a little. Once I have satisfied the needs of the masses - aka, my two year old and 3 month old - I start the magic. Basically I divide my hair into sections and then place the brush under my hair, starting at the roots, and pull it down and under or down and out depending on the style you want to achieve. Even though I have let my hair dry quite a bit already the process still takes a while, but, honestly, I think it takes about the same amount of time as drying plus straightening or curling does. If you want more volume at your roots (who doesn't?) you just hold the heat there a little bit longer. I've heard you can also create waves in your hair but I have yet to attempt this.

So here's what I love about it:

  1. It's unbelievably easy to use. I am not particularly gifted at hair type stuff, especially on myself, so I was relieved and pleased that this was easy to figure out and use. I mean, I realize I could achieve this look with a round brush and blow dryer but I'm just not coordinated enough! I've tried. Trust me.
  2. You know the way your hair feels after you've just gotten it cut? Yeah, that's how my hair feels after using this. It makes my hair so soft and light. 
  3. The right side of my hair loves, I mean, l.o.v.e.s to turn out while my left side turns under. I love that I was able to get both sides to cooperate.
  4. My toddler - the one who screams bloody murder when I wash her hair or even brush it - lets me use this on her. It doesn't get too hot so it doesn't hurt her head and I think she was pretty fascinated by it. Also, she could use it as a microphone to sing into after I had finished her hair. Okay, okay... I also sang into it a little bit.
  5. It's really pretty affordable when you think about how much you might pay for a dryer, straightener, and a curling iron. I bought mine at Fred Meyer (that's where the gift card was for) and it was $39. On Amazon it is $26.49.
Okay, so because I love you, I am going to show you some pictures I took right after I finished doing my hair. Please forgive the poor quality. Also Arthur is like - "who cares about your hair? I just wanna eat, man!"

It even tamed my cowlick - that's what I call a miracle appliance

This is the side that loves turning out

Arthur is like - are we done yet?!

What hair tools or tricks do you swear by?


ps: John Frieda didn't ask me to talk about their product. I just like it and thought you would too.


Jess said...

I ordered one as soon as I read your review! Can't wait to try it :)

elizabeth said...

I hope you like it!!

Arlene Winn said...

I just might have to try it!

cheri said...

Would you recommend it over a hair dryer? Or do I need both?

Added bonus that Juniper likes it!

Just have to are beautiful. No partiality at all...just fact.

elizabeth said...

Arlene, let me know if you do and how you like it!

Mom, you're so sweet. I think you'll still want a hair dryer since both of us have so much hair! The instructions that come with the hot air brush say that to speed the process you can blow dry your hair until it's about 80% dry and then switch over to the hot air brush. Alternatively, let it air dry quite a bit and then use the hot air brush. Wish you were here to just try it out! :)